Submissions sought by the ACMA on the partial use of 5G

International plans for the early adoption of 3.6GHz for 5G services has led the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to bring forward public discussion of the use of this part of the spectrum. You can have your say by sending a submission before 25 November 2016.

The ACMA has released a discussion paper which can be downloaded as a word file in order to determine whether using the 1.5 GHz and the 3.6 GHz bands is feasible enough to be progressed to the preliminary re-planning stage of the ACMA’s process for consideration of additional spectrum for MBB services.

These bands are currently used by other services, including fixed and satellite services. An analysis of current usage, as well as potential planning options for re-farming informed by a preliminary technical assessment, are outlined in this discussion paper, which can also be listened to online using embedded ReadSpeaker.

5G is a new fifth-generation wireless broadband technology that has much higher speeds and capacity, and much lower latency, than existing cellular systems. And it offers far more scope to support emerging technologies to assist people with disabilities on a daily basis, in terms of education, transport, employment, social protection, participation, equality and inclusion.

This call for submissions provides an opportunity for you to inform the ACMA about your views and how you see the effects of different options on incumbent and potential new services, so that the costs and benefits can be accurately gauged and considered by the Authority.

Comments must be text-only and interested individuals and groups have until 25 November 2016 to submit via an online form, via email, or through the post. Full details are available on the ACMA website.

The ACMA also looks after complaints concerning captioning quality on broadcast TV. For details, go to the Media Access Australia complaints webpage: