Apple iOS 10 launch problems ironed out

After initial difficulties primarily with iPhone updates of the new iOS 10 mobile operating system that Apple launched at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco on 12 September 2016, the tech giant has stated that the problems have been solved and that the iOS 10 system upgrade is now issue-free.

Hundreds of iPhone users complained on Twitter that installing iOS 10 caused their iPhones to shut down and not restart, however these types of teething problems with the launch of a new version of iOS are not uncommon. In fact, Apple Inc has advised users over the past two updates to back-up their iPhones and iPads using iCloud before attempting to install the latest mobile OS.

Yet not all users were bogged down with difficulties, and those affected were not from any single region or iPhone model. On the upside, many users have expressed on social media their positive experience from downloading and installing iOS 10.

Now that Apple claims that all the initial problems have been overcome, iOS 10 looks set to offer it's users a wonderful new array of features. Along with overhauling some of its core iOS applications, Apple iOS 10 will give developers access to Siri, Messages and Maps, a new HomeKit app and integrations for the iPhone app. And a very good level of accessibility from previous versions flows through to the latest system upgrade.

Apple first revealed iOS 10 back in June 2016 where the company detailed various new features such as how Siri now enables third party integrations with popular applications including Uber and WhatsApp, allowing users to send requests using the voice-activated personal assistant. The virtual assistant can also help QuickType become more contextually aware by collecting information such as recent addresses and calendar availability for messages.

All of the benefits of what Apple, and the major tech experts, say is an 'essential update' are highlighted in a short video about the iOS 10 upgrade. For more information on the launch and for advice on any persistent issues that you may be still be facing you can check out the Apple iOS 10 webpage.