Access iQ July 2016 review newsletter

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Accessible annual reports in the spotlight

It’s annual report season again, and now is the time to look at making annual reports that you are about to work on, as meaningful and inclusive as possible, so that people of all abilities can be catered for. It’s a straight-forward process to make an accessible annual report if you plan upfront, and in many cases, it’s also mandatory to do so. Find out more about why we should create annual reports that are accessible for all.

July W3C column

Dr Scott Hollier is the author of the Service Provider's Accessibility Guide and the Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide, and recently conducted an investigation into the accessibility of websites related to the 2 July Federal election. His latest investigation concerns the accessibility of webinars, which was the topic of his featured column in July.

The idea of a webinar is a good one, and Dr Hollier's Webinar software round-up – are there any accessible options out there? put the most popular formats under the spotlight. If you’re a business, webinars provide obvious advantages, and for participants, they offer terrific benefits to be able to participate in industry-specific developments in real-time, or catch up with the recording when time permits. All in all, it’s a great thing…except for its accessibility.

You can also listen to an informative podcast from Dr Scott Hollier where he talks in detail with Media Access Australia’s Philip Jenkinson, about the state of accessibility of many popular webinar software options.

Latest news and features

Yoast SEO, a popular Wordpress plugin to enhance a website’s SEO visibility on search engines, has released a new update and this new Yoast SEO 3.4 plugin update puts the focus on accessibility with a number of small changes that are likely to make a big impact to those who require specialist features when developing websites.

Powerpoint presentations are used widely across all industries, so it is important to ensure their accessibility. All of us in the web and digital industry will benefit from a concise and informative article on this topic – 5 top tips to ensure your PowerPoints are accessible.

Upcoming events

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