Media players and accessibility

  • Author: Access iQ ®
  • Date: 7 Jan 2013

In this four-part series, Robert Pearson, Director of Accessible Digital Media at Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) explores the accessibility of media players, their interoperability with assistive technologies, crowdsourcing components, and multiplatform accessibility.

Part 1: Exploring the accessibility of the media player

As more media though becomes available via the web to complement and enhance traditional content, the means by which to provide that media across different platforms and contexts has become a newly important component for providing inclusion.

Part 2: Media players and assistive technology interoperability

Assistive technologies can accomplish the provision of accessibility, even when it may not be fully enabled within the media player itself.

Part 3: Crowdsourcing the components of accessibility

Captioning, audio description and signing are critical elements in provisioning fully accessible player-based online media.

Part 4: Multiplatform media player accessibility

Where will the accessibility of media players go — or need to go — as the proliferation of media across multiple platforms continues to increase?