Accessibility requirements for eDMs

  • Author: Access iQ ®
  • Date: 25 Jun 2013
  • Access: Free

Quick facts

One of the things Access iQ™ has struggled with is finding an agency capable of delivering an accessible electronic direct mail (eDM) template in MailChimp, a third party email marketing service. So we came up with our own eDM template brief to help with the process.

Over the past few weeks, Access iQ™ has shared some tips on how we’ve tackled briefing a design agency on creating an accessible eDM template. 

The three-part series outlines the different components of eDMs and provides you with the information to understand how to make each component accessible. We also have a downloadable eDM template brief example to help with briefing a design agency. 

Part 1:

  • Alternative text for images
  • Images of text
  • Links
  • Font size
  • Design
  • Headings
  • Language
  • Tables for layout
  • Semantic markup
  • Colour contrast

Part 2:

  • Additional requirements
    • Providing an alternative access point
    • Call-to-action design elements
    • Forwarding
    • Plain accessible version
    • Size
    • Social media

Part 3:

  • Plain text emails
  • Tailoring the template to your own organisation