An accessible website is a future-proof website. As the world's population ages, disability increases so mainstreaming accessibility is not only right — it's smart.

Here at Access iQ we offer content, contacts and education that equip individuals and organisations with the information they need to ensure their websites, web applications and digital experiences are accessible.

With our expert contributors, we help people achieve accessibility best practice as a regular part of the web lifecycle.

Access iQ delivers on a clear mandate to provide up-to-date guidance that is straightforward and practical, on a role-by-role basis.

Launched in 2012, Access iQ is a social enterprise started by Media Access Australia, the only Australian not-for-profit advocating for media that's accessible for people with a disability. We know that exclusion from media can have a devastating impact on people's participation and inclusion in society and we have a long history of making things better.

Media Access Australia is an active member of the W3C. Together we can create a web without limits.

Access iQ is a registered trademark of Media Access Australia.